Sell your vacant billboards faster

How does Billboard Alerts work?

Tell us where your vacancies are located
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We find the businesses down the road
Final businesses ahead
We'll send each a customized postcard or letter
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Why use Billboard Alerts?

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Save Time
Waste less time cold calling and cold visiting. Notify hundreds of relevant businesses about your available billboard, in an instant.
Save Money
Every day a billboard sits vacant, that's missed revenue. Billboard Alerts can help your sales team minimize days without a contract.
No Annoyance
It's hard to catch a business owner by phone or in person at a good time. A postcard or letter can wait on their desk until business dies down.
Organize Leads
Billboard Alerts will keep track of each business that responds to your mailers, making it easy for your salespeople to follow up directly.

No Nonsense Pricing

Billboard Alerts has no setup costs, no hidden fees, and takes no commission on successful sales. Pay only for each postcard sent, with printing, mailing, and postage all included in one simple price.
4 x 6 Color
6 x 11 Color
Printing, postage, and shipping all included
Individual postage tracking provided
Printed on high quality paper with industrial printers
Billed monthly on the first day of the month
8.5 x 11 LETTERS
Black and White
+ 10¢ each additional page
+ 20¢ each additional page
Everything mentioned under the postcard pricing
Supports both single and double sided letters
Mailed inside a blank white standard double window envelope
Discounted Pricing
Billboard Alerts has partnered with the IBOUSA to provide per-mailer discounts to its members. Once signed up, let us know if you have an active IBOUSA membership and we'll apply your discount.

To join the IBOUSA, visit their website here.